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The industry's most affordable, full-featured knockout door. The WelterWeightT dock door is the one facility planners choose to add doorway convenience, efficiency and cost-savings to the dock of any new construction project. The door features the TKO impact design, which includes spring-loaded steel guidance pins and rugged insulated panels.

Some of the many benefits include:

No Roller Wheels! TKO dock doors have spring-loaded steel plungers. Under normal operation, TKO doors have no moving parts.

No Weather seal in Doorway! Door-mounted weather seal rises with the door...no exposed seal in the doorway to get torn off.

No Doorway Obstructions! TKO door track mounts tight and flush to the wall for complete doorway access.

No Flimsy Track! Indestructible Impact-A-TrackT door track (optional) absorbs the heaviest impacts. Door is never out of service from track damage.


Available Options Include:

  • Super Bottom Panel - 2 Year Performance Warranty
  • Vision Panel
  • Power Operation or Manual Chain Hoist
  • Bump Lock
  • Anti-drift Down Lock
  • Pilfer Proof Cable Lock
  • Impact-A-TrackT door track
  • Posi-Lock Door Sealing Device


Impact-A-TrackT  Guide Track

Nearly 95% of all standard door damage occurs at the door track. This part of the door is incapable of withstanding that kind of punishment, especially the sheet metal tracks found on standard doors. TKO Doors developed its rugged, all-plastic Impact-A-Track guide track to totally eliminate this problem. When hit, the track bends but does not break and always ensures smooth door operation. There is no need to set up stanchions in front of the guide, saving precious dock space. Track V-Groove permits door to be knocked out, but not pushed in, for doorway security and wind resistance.

Standard Track

Optional Track

Guide Pins

Match up standard door guide rollers against a five-ton forklift and the rollers lose every time. And so does dock doorway efficiency. TKO Doors has the solution, with heavy-duty steel pins that are as strong as railroad spikes. The spring-loaded pins are attached to door panels in a steel housing. When the door is hit, the panel transmits the force to the pins. The pins slide out of the guide track with minimal panel resistance to the blow. Slide the pins back into the track with a quick pull on the panel and the doorway is sealed.


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