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The Maxi-Pak offers all the benefits of shrink packaging in a compact size and economical price. The Maxi-Pak combines in one unit, a large high quality "L" sealer and a high efficiency shrink tunnel. The Maxi-Pak can handle any package size up to 14" x 18", at speeds up to 12 packages per minute. Give your product that look of class with the Maxi-Pak

Maxi-Pak Features

  • Large 14" x 18" sealing capacity
  • Electro-magnetic seal bar hold down: more consistent seals, less operator fatigue
  • Low voltage impulse seal system: Ultra safe
  • Multi-use sealing pad
  • Plug in solid state components
  • Roller perforator film venting device
  • Works with all shrink films
  • Easy film loading
  • Heavy gauge steel console construction

Maxi-Pak Shrink Tunnel Features

  • Tunnel chamber size 16" wide x 9" high
  • Variable speed belt type conveyor
  • 3200 Watts heating capacity, with electronic time proportional temperature controller
  • 10 yr. Tunnel heater warranty
  • Twin blowers for maximum air circulation
  • High efficiency insulation for inexpensive operation
  • Heavy gauge welded tubular steel console construction
  • Bottom, side, and top heat ports


"L" Sealer

  • 16" x 20" seal area: versatile size to handle a wide range of products.
  • Twin Magnets: less operator fatigue, more consistent seals.
  • Counterbalanced sealing head with automatic air cushion return.
  • Easily adjusted film cradle.
  • Pre-engineered for "Teflon blind assembly" installation.
  • Film clamps: more consistent seals, less rejects.
  • Unique seal area raise/lower mechanism.
  • Microprocessor controlled, low voltage, impulse sealing system: space age electronics provide consistently strong seals and superior operator safety.
  • Conveniently located control panel.
  • Heavy duty welded steel tubular construction: rugged and reliable, built to last.
  • Comes complete with heated hole punch: will handle any type of shrink film.

Shrink Tunnel

  • Chamber opening 16" wide x 9" high.
  • 3200 Watts heating Capacity, electronically monitored by a time proportional temperature controller guaranteeing maximum temperature fluctuations in the shrink chamber to be no more than 2°C.
  • Twin blowers: extra air circulation results in more attractive packages. Bottom shrink chamber assures consistent all-round shrinkage.
  • Adjustable level infeed height: eliminates the need for intermediate conveyors, tunnel infeed can be adjusted to match "L" sealer discharge.
  • "Energy-Watch" insulation: keeps heat in shrink chamber, where you need it.
  • Automatic shutdown cycle: extends life of tunnel.
  • Adjustable speed conveyor system: available with either silicone belt (Model STB) or "live/dead" steel roller conveyor (Model STR).
  • Easily accessed electrical controls: easy maintenance: less downtime.
  • Heavy duty welded steel tube construction: built to last.
  • Unique 10 year warranty on tunnel heater.

We can supply you and your company with a wide range of semi and fully automatic "L" sealers and shrink tunnels, with "L" sealer sizes up to 50" x 100", and shrink tunnels up to 64" wide. A wide variety of options allow you to customize your system to achieve maximum efficiency.

Other products available:
Sleeve Wrap/Bundling Systems: Replace costly corrugated, chipboard, and strapping with inexpensive shrink film. Sizes to 64" wide with production speeds up to 30 per minute.

Horizontal Form/Fill/Seal Flowrappers: Intermittent and constant motion systems with product size capabilities up to 64" wide and infinite length with production speeds up to 40 a minute.


Do you already have shrink packaging equipment? Contact us today and let us help you with your Shrink Film needs.

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