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Speedi-Built shelving is the simple shelving system with just two basic components, beams and posts. All you have to do is engage the pieces. And, best of all, wider Speedi-Bilt shelves offer more uninterrupted storage space. With Speedi-Built shelving, there's never a need for cumbersome clips, bolts, or special tools. In fact, a mallet and screwdriver are the only tools usually needed. Rivets on beams snap into place on slotted angle posts. Larger units are assembled exclusively with double-rivet beams and double-rivet channels for added load bearing strength while support ties are added as needed. When units are fully assembled, particle board or similar surfaces can be used as economical shelves.

  • Both single-rivet and double-rivet beams are constructed from 14 gauge steel. Heavy duty beams are 11 gauge steel.
  • Posts are available in three configurations, all punched on 1 1/2" centers with keyhole shaped slots for secure beam engagement.
  • Angle type posts are constructed of 14 gauge steel.
  • T shaped posts are available for add-on units. Constructed of 14 gauge steel.
  • Super duty angle posts are available for heavier loads.
  • Sand color is standard.

Catwalk Mezzanines

Standard Speedi-Bilt Catwalk Mezzanines are the perfect way to find more storage space for bulky items. They fill the void between too little space and too little budget. Each is designed for maximum strength and structural stability. Please contact your nearest Warehouse Equipment & Supply for more details on Mezzanine systems.

The Klip-Bilt shelving system combines versatility with industrial durability. Start with basic post and shelf configuration. Add shelf dividers and drawers to fill particular requirements. Use side cross braces and back cross braces for open-type shelving. Add side panels, back panels or even doors for closed configuration. Shelves locate firmly, quickly and easily with four clips. No bolts or tools required. Shelves can be rearranged just as fast with no tipping. Straight in or out, straight up or down.

  • Available in two basic styles, open units and closed units.
  • Shelves held firmly in place with Lickety-Klips, sturdy compression clips.
  • Gray color is standard
  • Base Fronts 20-ga steel. Encloses space below bottom shelf.
  • Shelf Dividers to divide shelf into bins of compartments, fasteners supplied.
  • Sliding Divider snaps into shelf and slides to any desired location. No clips or bolts.
  • Swinging Doors completely welded frame. Lockable chrome handle secures door in closed position.

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