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Serco Dock Levelers, Restraints, and Seals

Mechanical Dock Levelers
Serco's mechanical dock leveler is safe and easy to operate. For the dock attendant's safety, release of the holdown requires a minimal force and, unlike other levelers, that force remains constant during the loading cycle. Once the unit is raised, the lip remains extended, until the walkdown is initiated. It then begins to fall in a smooth, controlled manner. Because of our unique holdown design and HydraCam Lip Control, little weight is required to walk the unit down. Serco's Mechanical leveler increases both productivity and safety on the dock and is available in the types of systems, WL, W, and WX.

Standard Features

  • Structural safety legs stop leveler platform at dock level and two positions below dock if truck departs with load on the leveler platform.
  • Integral cam limits safety stop interference during leveler float with truck.
  • HydraCam Lip Control.

Air-Activated Dock Levelers

The Serco Air Bag Dock Leveler utilizes advanced air lifting technology to provide a cost-effective solution for the loading dock. Simple operation and a clean, efficient design provides a level of performance unequalled in the industry. The leveler is activated by a simple push button located on the loading dock wall. Pushing the button activates the two-stage, single-speed fan, which inflates the air bag and raises the deck and lip. Releasing the button allows the deck to descend to the truck bed. The Air Bag Dock Leveler does not incorporate a high maintenance hold down and springs like mechanical levelers. Compared to mechanicals, Air Bag Dock Levelers are superior in operational efficiency and deliver a lower total cost of ownership.


Standard Features

  • High volume, low pressure air bag lifting mechanism requires no scheduled maintenance

  • Push-button activation system

  • Automatic lip extension with every cycle

  • Solid steel safety stop legs manual retracting for below dock operations

Hydraulic Dock Levelers
For maximum safety, low maintenance and increased efficiency, Serco's hydraulic style dock leveler is the perfect solution. Various models are available to mach your application needs. Serco levelers use premium systems with regenerative hydraulics to insure low maintenance and reliable performance in all environments and weather conditions. With powered in and out lip control, safety and reliable performance is maximized.

Standard Features

  • Regenerative Hydraulics
  • Yieldable Hydraulic Lip
  • Hydraulic Safety Stop
  • Integral Maintenance Strut
  • High Tensile Deck & Lip


  • Clean Frame Design
  • Remote Power Pack
  • Longer Lips 18" and 20"
  • Minimum Lip Crown
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • Foam Insulated Deck
  • Weatherseal (sides & rear)
  • Formed Steel Box

Master Control Panel

S M A R T Controls

Control Panels


Master Control Panel
Controls Hydraulic Leveler & Vehicle Restraint & has integral disconnect. Advanced panels available can include controls to operate overhead door, inflatable shelter, and/or dock light.

S M A R T Controls
With integral disconnect monitor Leveler cycles and assists in maintenance scheduling and balancing dock usage.

Safety-Loc Vehicle Restraint
Serco Safety-Loc Systems limit trailer creep and help to prevent unscheduled departures from the dock. The low profile design and dual locking positions work together to engage most tucks in many applications, including those with "pup" trailers. Safety-Loc Systems increase safety at the dock while also meeting OSHA requirements.

Standard Features on All Models

  • 12" to 30" Vertical Hooking Range
  • 11" From Face of Bumper Horizontal Hooking Range
  • 1/2" Structural Steel Construction
  • 32,000 Lbs. Restraining Force
  • 10 Year Structural Warranty
  • Low Voltage 24V to Outside Loc Unit


Recessed Pit Mounted Restraint

A hydraulic, pit-mounted, retractable restraint system, the SLP 2000 is ideally suited for new construction applications. In colder northern climates, the retracted hook is protected from snow and ice build-up, which can impede the operation of some externally mounted restraints. This also means no obstruction to (or accidental damage from) snow removal equipment or ground-level forklift to dock height operations.

When activated, the Serco SLP extends its restraining arm from the pit under hydraulic power at a height which allows access to lower rear impact guards (approximately 8") not accessible by other systems. The restraining arm moves vertically - up to 30" - controlled by a programmable controller to sense positive engagement of the rear impact guard. If no rear impact guard contact is made, the SLP automatically restores itself and signals the dock attendant by flashing an amber warning light on the control panel. Once the hook is successfully engaged, the SLP restraint floats with the vertical movement of the trailer, maintaining positive engagement with the rear impact guard throughout the loading and unloading process. When stored, the restraint retracts fully into the dock face.

Once the hook is successfully engaged, the restraining arm automatically follows the vertical movement of the rear impact guard as the trailer is loaded or unloaded, maintaining positive engagement throughout the loading and unloading process.


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