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Rytec High Speed Doors

The award-winning PredaDoor roll door provides many of the benefits of high-speed roll doors at prices you never thought possible.

  • Standard, full-width, replaceable window panel for unsurpassed visibility.
  • Quick-Set Break-Away tabs allow door to be back in operation in just seconds after impact.
  • Cut-off switch between tabs temporarily deactivates motor when door is hit.
  • Fully bolt-together, anodized aluminum frame construction.
  • Panel connecting ribs offer easy panel replacement and provide stiff resistance to wind and negative pressure environments.


Rolling Doors
With opening rates up to 8ft. per second and standard sizes up to 24ft x 24ft, Rytec has a roll door to meet virtually any need or budget. There are over 10 different Fast-Seal, PredaDoor, Turbo-Seal, and Man-u-Roll Models to choose from, with many options and advantages.

  • Exclusive Rilon fabric for durability, clear PVC panel material for visibility or vinyl fabric were cost is a consideration.
  • Patented System II counterbalance design eliminates stress and strain on the motor and gear box by separating door counterbalance and fabric tension.
  • No-spring design for durability and maintenance free operation. Patented Break-Away Bottom bars can be repaired quickly without tools.

Cold Storage Doors
Rytec's Fast-Fold cold storage doors eliminate the need for traditional full-thickness insulated doors in high-traffic areas. Rytec's revolutionary defrost systems ensure full visibility by providing a door that is virtually frost-free while offering the tightest seal available anywhere. Rytec offers many different models to address any cold storage concern.

  • Fast-Fold Freezer Doors for temperatures down to -35deg. F.
  • Fast-Fold Cooler Doors for temperatures above 32deg. F.
  • Fast opening speed of up to 8ft per second.
  • Defrost systems to Provide frost-free operation without insulated panes for visibility, safety, aesthetics, and reliability.
  • Pre-wired head assembly and defrost system to eliminate hidden installation costs.
  • Insulated panels where visibility is not a concern.

Folding Doors
Rytec offers over 25 different Fast-Fold models in standard sizes up to 35ft x 25ft, with opening rates up to 8ft per second. All models feature many design advantages over conventional and competitive doors.

  • Clear, durable Puralon panels, available in 3/8" or 1/2" thickness, offer full visibility for safer passage.
  • Six different sized roller combinations to cost-effectively match design durability with the level of activity ( number of cycles ) anticipated for each door.
  • Ryflex rollers are designed to pivot up to 7deg. to continually maintain surface contact with the track, reducing wear and tear.
  • Optional, vertically-sealed panels provide the tightest seal available in the industry.
  • Low cost, optional pneumatic door alternative to conventional impact doors.

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