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Pallet Rack

The conventional pallet racking system is the best solution for warehouses that need to store palletised products with a wide range of SKUs.


  • Each pallet and SKU can be accessed directly.
  • Easy to control stock.
  • Adaptable to any volume, weight or size of merchandise.

In order to store a large number of pallets, double-depth racks can be installed enabling one pallet to be placed in front of another on each side of the aisle.

Conventional pallet racking can also be used in the construction of clad-rack warehouses, whose most striking characteristic is that they do not require the existence of a building prior to construction.



Drive-in racking is ideal for homogeneous products with low levels of turnover and a high number of pallets per article type. This system offers the highest use of available space in terms of both area and height.


  • Maximum use of available space (85%).
  • Elimination of aisles between the racking.
  • Rigorous entrance and exit control.

Drive-in racking can generally accommodate as many article types as there are loading aisles.

Two management systems are available: the drive-in system, with only one access aisle, and the drive-through system, with access to the load from both sides of the rack.

The system is frequently used in cold stores (refrigeration and freezing) which require maximum use of space for the storage of products in a controlled temperature.


 Push-back is ideal for storing medium-turnover products, with two or more pallets per SKU.An accumulative storage system that allows up to four pallets deep to be stored per level.


  • Saves space.
  • High storage density.
  • Loading and unloading carried out in a central aisle.

All of the pallets of each level, except the top one, are placed on a set of trolleys that are pushed along rolling rails. These rails are built on a slight incline, lower at the front, so that the pallets at the back move forward when the pallet closest to the aisle is removed.


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