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Modular Building Systems

When it comes to a truly cost efficient modular building system, Panel-King is the answer. Not only is it economically priced, its non-progressive design allows you to remove and replace any wall section quickly and inexpensively, in a matter of minutes. Panel-King's non-progressive feature makes it easy to:

  • Change any wall section without disturbing adjacent wall panels or the ceiling support system.
  • Replace a damaged wall panel.
  • Modify your building as space and size requirements change.
  • Move a bulky piece of equipment into or out of your building by simply removing wall panels.
  • Available in 1-3/4" or 3" thickness.
  • For economy and versatility in modular buildings, look no further than Panel-King.


Panel-King offices can be integrated into mezzanine systems.

Versa-King provides you with complete versatility in every aspect of your modular building requirements, from easy wiring during and after set-up, to expansion, to relocation, to replacement of damaged panels.

The features of Versa-King add up to the ultimate in versatility:

  • Easy access wiring chase every four feet - accepts standard electrical components.
  • Snap on wiring covers, allow you to quickly and easily add, modify or remove electrical and other wiring any time.
  • Non-progressive system allows your to replace panels if damaged, or remove panels to move oversized equipment and furnishing in or out of the building without disturbing adjoining wall panels.
  • All components easily dismantle for relocation or increasing / decreasing size of structure. All parts are 100% reusable and are adaptable to all other 3" systems.
  • Built-in, easy access wiring chase ensures you of a very competitively priced system.
  • Laminated wall panels incorporate solid polystyrene core for R-13 insulation rating and superior sound attenuation.
  • System is load bearing.
  • Versa-King is the answer for versatility in modular buildings.


Built-in wiring chase.

Simplicity - the word that best describes Pivot-Lock pre-fabricated, modular building systems. With minimum installation time, minimum labor and maximum design flexibility, Pivot-Lock building systems offer the fastest, simplest and least expensive installation available today.

Pivot-Lock is simple to install and very cost effective for numerous reasons:

  • Panels simply pivot and lock together. Besides eliminating the mess, this dramatically reduces the cost and time required for conventional construction methods.
  • To speed installation, panels are completely framed in anodized aluminum extrusions, windows are pre-glazed and doors pre-hung.
  • For added flexibility and cost savings, the structure can be dissembled and relocated quickly with 100% re-use of components -- 100% recapture of investment.
  • Finished Pivot-Lock wall panels are shipped framed and ready to install. In about 20 minutes the walls of an 8' x 12' structure are complete. Pivot-Lock makes it that simple.
  • Laminated wall panels in 1-3/4" or 3" thickness' incorporate a solid polystyrene core providing up to R-13 insulation rating and superior sound attenuation.
  • Panels are available in a wide variety of standard finishes - optional finishes are fire-resistant construction available.
  • Pre-framed panels provide load bearing characteristics for additional storage.
  • Perfect solution for many exterior applications.
  • Pivot-Lock is the cost efficient building solution.


Two-story Pivot-Lock to maximize space

Wall Panels simply pivot and lock together

Specialty Shelters and Pre-Assembled Modular Buildings also available.

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