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aFX® Airbag Dock Leveler
It's the original Kelley air-powered dockleveler that revolutionized the industry. In addition to delivering safe, powered performance at a cost comparable to mechanical docklevelers, the aFX features airDefense® — Kelley's proprietary stump out and free fall protection system. The aFX is also backed by the strongest warranty in the industry, with a rated lifetime lip hinge assembly warranty, a 5-year warranty on the lifting system and an available 10-year structural warranty base on engineering approval of approved application. All of which makes it the preferred choice of warehousing operations worldwide.

Standard Features

  • Kelley's airDefense® proprietary stump-out and free fall protection system with 60,000 lbs. structural dock level support legs.
  • Clean Pit Kit provides 100% full access for maximum cleaning and maintenance effectiveness. The aFX Series docklevelers are the only docklevelers with an activation system designed for outside-the-pit service.
  • Exclusive Lambda deck beams optimize twist resistance and stress distribution. Beams are robotically welded to deck.
  • Self-cleaning, lug-type lip hinge with rated lifetime warranty.
  • Automatic lip extension with every cycle. Yieldable feature prevents lip damage.
  • Full operating range toe guards with two galvanized sliding guards.
  • Integral support strut and lip lock for maintenance and cleaning.
  • High-volume, low-pressure air bag lifting mechanism. Requires no scheduled maintenance.
  • Lifting bag operates under temperature extremes of -65° to +180° F.
  • 10-amp fan with two-stage, single-speed, self-cleaning filter, UL-approved motor; runs off 115-volt single-phase electrical power.

HK Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Kelley’s HK Dockleveler provides full hydraulic operation with single push-button activation.

Dockleveler rises when push-button is pushed and held. Lip section hydraulically extends as ramp reaches top of travel. Button is released. Ramp and lip lower to truck bed. Dockleveler is ready for use. Store dockleveler prior to truck departure.

In stored position, dockleveler is fully supported by dock level support legs. Ramp may be lowered to fully supported below-dock level position, without extending lip, to service low trucks with end loads.




  • Unique Kelley open frame design.
  • Patented Lambda Beam design and construction
  • Full hydraulic operation with single push-button activation
  • 4” diameter ramp cylinder mounted at front of ramp for maximum strength and efficiency
  • Totally enclosed non-ventilated, unitized hydraulic pump and motor assembly with single hose per cylinder for longer life and lower maintenance costs
  • Automatic retracting 60,000 lb. structural steel dock level support legs for full unrestricted working range.
  • Self-cleaning, lug-type lip hinge with rated lifetime warranty
  • Four fixed rear hinges for maximum support and no pinch points
  • Full operating range toe guards
  • Integral maintenance strut and separate lip lock hold ramp and lip in raised position for service or cleaning


CM Mechanical Dock Levelers
Kelley’s CM series mechanical dockleveler provides the most economical solution, featuring an extension spring counterbalance system with single adjustment point, piano-style lip hinge, solid steel structural support legs and Kelley's unique open frame design.

Pulling chain releases hold-down mechanism, dockleveler rises, lip extends automatically. Operator walks out on ramp, lowering it to truck bed. Lip automatically extends during first few inches of downward movement. Lip automatically retracts to protected position.

Standard Features


  • Unique oil-tempered chromium silicon steel extension spring counterbalance with single-point adjustment for easy routine maintenance
  • Below-dock endloading capability
  • Automatic lip extension holds the lip out at the top of its cycle. The lip remains yieldable throughout the operation
  • Unique hold-down provides unlimited float through leveler working range
  • Anti-interference cam to limit leg interference
  • Structural steel support legs for free-fall protection
  • Working-range toe guards (full-range optional)
  • Open frame design for easy clean-up, maintenance and inspection
  • Integral deck maintenance strut and lip lock with lock-out capability
  • Lip keepers secure leveler when overhead door is down


STAR® 4 Trailer Restraint

The hydraulic STAR 4 trailer restraint offers a higher level of automation and convenience. The restraining arm is raised and lowered automatically at the touch of a button, and the solid-state controls offer more operating flexibility.


Automatic, hydraulic, non-impact operation
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
Interior/exterior LED communication lights
Audible alarm sounds if sensor bar does not make contact with rear impact guard
Low profile, stores at 9" off grade
12" x 14" x 8" control box
30,000 lbs. of restraining force
Works with all types of rear impact guards and docklevelers
Vertical hooking range from 11" – 30" above driveway
Horizontal hooking range of 4" - 14" from dock face
Virtually no maintenance requirements
Low cost of ownership
12V DC, 0.2 GPM pump and motor, protected inside control box



A trailer is backed into position against the dock bumpers; brakes are set. The dock attendant uses the activating button on the control panel to raise the restraining arm. The restraining arm will move in a vertical arc along a reinforced T-rail until it contacts the rear impact guard. The outside light changes from green to red when the STAR 4 is activated. The inside light changes from red to green only after the hook-mounted sensor bar indicates contact with the rear impact guard. If the hook does not contact the rear impact guard, the inside light changes to a flashing red and an alarm sounds. When loading/unloading is complete, the dock attendant uses the release button on the control panel to store the unit. The inside light immediately changes to red when the release button is pressed. The outside light changes to green when the hook has been lowered to the stored position.


  • Exterior instruction sign for truck drivers
  • Operating instructions printed on control panel
  • Patented sensor bar automatically senses and communicates the actual contact between the throat of the restraint arm and the trailer’s rear impact guard
  • Interior/exterior red & green LED communication lights


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