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FlexScreen Mesh Door

With the FlexScreen roll-up door - birds, flies, moths, mosquitoes, gnats, wasps and other insects are out! Fresh air ventilation, sunlight, improved visibility and increased security are in! And so is employee comfort and improved productivity


Yellow Safety strips sewn into     

      curtain for screen visibility
Aluminum guide track with safety       

      stripes, coated steel brackets
Sealed: on top with brush, sides with 

      vinyl and bottom with hem chain   

Horizontal stiffeners provide stability 

      in windy conditions
Durable in-tube motor, or spring 

      load, or hand crank assembly
Simplistic construction, easy 

      installation, few problems
CAD drawings available for 

      installation support


Keeps out insects & birds, reduces dust &
wind, improves sanitation
Lets in fresh air and light
Improves employee comfort and productivity
Economical to buy and maintain
Easy to install
Increases security - a visual and physical barrier
to reduce theft & pilferage
Pull down straps and hand straps on both sides
for easy operation
Options: colors, screen density, clear or
color vinyl
Remote control option for motorized
Available with an electric motor,
    manual/drill crank, spring action,
    or economical slider

All clear vinyl option available


The easy to install FlexScreen can be attached under the lintel (top of the doorway opening), or mounted to the inside wall with special brackets to allow the screen to be opened beyond the door frame and completely out of the doorway.

Also available in economical slider model, using roller and track system that allows FlexScreen to slide smoothly side to side. Hook and loop fasteners and horizontal steel stiffeners that completely seal the sides.


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