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The Serco Ultra-Seal is the ultimate energy seal for the climate-controlled loading dock. The patented Serco design provides the insulating benefits of a dock seal and full truck access like a shelter.

The one piece diagonal-cut foam construction, with multi-position retention straps, enhances foam memory and retention and looks good for years on your dock. In recent compression tests, the Serco Ultra-Seal reduced pressure to the building by over 80% vs. leading competitive designs, virtually eliminating wall damage from truck impact and extending the life of the Ultra-Seal.

  • "L" Style Shelters project further from dock wall to form seal on both sides of the truck. No air seal at truck door hinge.

  • Typical Bevel Seal transfers up to 5 times more pressure to building wall that Ultra-Seal.

  • Ultra-Seal reduces pressure to building wall by over 80%. Tight air seal at truck door hinge plus foam-filled bottom pads improves insulating efficiency and reduces wear.

  • Foam-filled bottom pads with Velcro attachment, improve insulation efficiency.

  • The Ultra-Seal features dual guide stripes for 96" to 102" trucks, reinforced bottom corners and pleats on header corners standard.

  • Ultra-Seal on a 10' x 10' door at a distribution center. No hardware in the door opening for improved access. Air-gap sealed at the truck hinge plus bottom pad for improved insulation.

Utilizing the Ultra-Seal concept, the inflatable provides a tight seal on both sides and top of a wide range of truck heights with full access to the truck in end-loading operations.

The header panel is inflated after the truck is secured in the loading dock with a simple flick of a switch, and is restored before the truck departs. In mild weather, the header panel need not be used permitting fresh air infiltration to the facility and increasing the life of the dock seal.

  • Ultra-Seal Inflatable in a stored position.

  • The inflatable header panel is designed to service a wide range of trucks from city deliveries to highway trailers and provides unimpeded access at top.

  • No hardware in door opening and a tight seal for improved access and efficiency. Inflatable header model shown.

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